what went down?

Thanks for being a part of the biggest convention🚀🚀 ever hosted by ANSSIR. It was an electrifying moment in Moscow, the largest city of Russia. The convention is over, but our memories remain with us. This was a record-breaking convention in terms of:

  • Registered participants
  • Organized events
  • Amount raised from and number of sponsors
  • Recognition from local and international bodies
  • Sports varieties, and more!

It was a very, very interesting one while it lasted! I am sure the convention left us all feeling the same way.

The convention was not without its challenges, and the major ones were beyond our control. The weather really felt it had to match the heat we were bringing into Moscow. As if that was not enough, the metro stops closest to the hostel decided that ANSSIRites needed to spend more money on taxis. 😂

We are really sorry; even though there was nothing we could have done to avoid some logistical challenges beforehand. For those that could have been avoided, they were learning moments for us and as the strong and resilient ANSSIRites that we are, we were able to pull through.

The OPENING CEREMONY started with a theatrical performance by the Moscow Drama Team (directed by Olusola Moyosoreoluwa) as well as the financial, welfare, and administrative reports by the 2023/2024 Executives.

They recalled the new initiatives that were brought up in the last administration including the support and recommendation systems that were created, ANSSIR Media Team, Ambassadors, ANSSIR legal registration in Russia, ANSSIR Extended (ANSSIR-X), ANSSIR Library, and many more! The association processed over 400 loan requests and dealt with numerous support tickets throughout the tenure. Also, ANSSIR welcomed the largest set of FSB students ever in the last administration.

On the SECOND DAY, the tour had to be cancelled due to the harsh weather, but we hope you had some time to travel around Moscow on your own.

Nonetheless, our Cook-a-thon, Q&A Talk shows, and our Cultural Day event went on as planned.

When it came to the sports, we had football, badminton, and basketball. ANSSIR Belgorod took the most prized trophy home 🏆. Too bad that they didn’t “gree” for Moscow, who came in second but managed to register a better performance than last year’s.

After then, it was debates, and elections, in which the results were announced at the Grand Ball.

The new set of Executives for the 2024/2025 administration are as follows:

  • President: Jeffrey Alabi (Moscow)
  • Vice President: Nnamdi Christopher Udoezeh (Voronezh)
  • General Secretary: Chukwuka Aniagboso (Moscow)
  • Financial Secretary: Donald Faransa Roland (Kazan)
  • Welfare Officer: Chukwuemeka Charles Chima (Kazan)
  • Public Relations Officer: Jacob Salami (Kazan)
  • Treasurer: Precious Cyril (Saratov)

We wished them all the best with their administration, and we hoped they will deliver on the promise of continuity, innovation, and advancing global excellence.

The highlight of the convention was undoubtedly the Grand Ball. This event was the perfect way to celebrate the conclusion of our convention. Everyone arrived dressed to impress, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The evening featured a sumptuous dinner, wonderful performances, and heartfelt speeches that celebrated our achievements and the spirit of ANSSIR.

The ballroom was beautifully decorated, creating an enchanting ambiance that made the night unforgettable. Laughter and music filled the air as attendees mingled, danced, and created memories that will last a lifetime. The Grand Ball was a fitting end to a spectacular convention, showcasing the unity, energy, and vibrant culture of ANSSIR.

As we reflect on the incredible moments shared during the convention, it’s clear that ANSSIR continues to grow stronger and more vibrant each year. Despite the challenges we faced, we came together as a community, creating unforgettable memories and setting new records.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors. Your generous support and contributions were instrumental in making this convention possible. Your commitment to ANSSIR and its mission is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Thank you once again for being a part of this historic event. We look forward to seeing you at future conventions and continuing to celebrate our shared achievements.

With gratitude and anticipation,

The ANSSIR Executive Committee.

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