If I were God,
Crime and evil would cease in this world.
Instant justice I wouldn’t withhold.

If I were God,
Men would all strive to live right,
Cos recompense wouldn’t tarry for the night.

If I were God,
I certainly would be partial,
Some deeds of some men would be inconsequential.

If I were God,
My lineage, past and future would certainly meet me in paradise.
People would have accused me of not being nice.

If I were God,
I would have fallen in love with a lady,
Cos I wouldn’t have been able to withstand her beauty.

If I were God,
I would pervert justice for her sake.
Her dwellings, ‘A Haven’ would I make.

If I were God,
I wouldn’t have been as God is
If you were God,
You wouldn’t have been as God is.

If I were God,
I wouldn’t have been half-wise as Elohim.
If you were God,
Forget it, you wouldn’t perform better than Him.

If I were God……………..
If I were God………………
The list of imperfections would be endless.
And if you were too, it sure would have been a mess.

Las Las!
Thank God say man no be God.
For the love of humanity.

Akaa Elijah Aondotakume.

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