Intimate Murder

I watched as blood gushed
Out of his eyes, ears, mouth…
I just stood!
NothingNot one thing.

He was reaching out,
Straining, hands stretching…
I took paces back
And still did nothing.

I watched as life left him
Slowly but surely it left…
I stared, almost lifeless myself 
Then, I did something 
Shaking and smiling.

His bloody eyes stared,
Back at me, oh! Yes they did…
I took paces forward, bare-feet
Spluttering blood all over
Then, closed his eyes.

I picked up the phone, 
Calmly sitting, blood-soaked chair…
“Hello, 911, there’s been a murder,
I killed my husband”

Pen name: Chayil
Full name: Owolabi Oluwaseunfunmi. O
City: Belgorod

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