The embassy, represented by Mrs. Josephine Olaye, Consul, Minister in charge of immigration, education, and consular activities in Russia, Mr. Luini Emmanuel Barau, and the Financial Attache, Mr. Taiwo Adegoke Adedokun congratulated the incoming executive members on the success of the election and on emerging as the new leaders and representatives of the association.

The excos pledged to work in the best way possible and shared some of their plans over the next year including:

  • Organizing student conferences, competitions, and social events.
  • Reinstating of the senate and setting up a proper audit committee for the convention
  • Managing a consistent database of students and proper communication channels
  • Proper welcoming of new students
  • Setting up collaboration with the alumni and parents of scholars of the association to ensure our needs are met.

The president also raised issues students in the association are facing.

The consul responded by saying she believes in the excos to achieve their goals and that the embassy is working tirelessly to make sure the issues raised are sorted out. However, there are limitations to what the embassy can do as most of the decisions are taken by the scholarship board.

Students are advised to take note of the following:

  • The embassy is not giving out loans except in very dire situations.
  • Students are advised to be prudent and go into survival mode to make sure they don’t starve. They can also get across to their parents before they run into serious trouble.
  • The FSB is actively working on securing stipends. However, as at the moment of speaking, no one knows when the payment would arrive.
  • Students are advised to pay due attention to their studies and not fail out of school.

The Consul concluded by saying the doors of the embassy are always open and that they would like to hear more good news.

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