Why Should I Step Up for an ANSSIR Leadership Role in 2024?

We asked– Why Should You Step Up for an ANSSIR Leadership Role?

ANSSIR Vice President Adebayo Ridwan has this to share–

“The annual convention of the Association of Nigerian Scholarship Students in Russia (ANSSIR) is an awaited event that assembles some of the most brilliant minds with the most devoted hearts.

The pinnacle of this convention is the opportunity for new leaders to emerge, leaders who will dictate the course of our association’s upcoming chapter.

But why should you be the one to rise and run for such a position?

Remembering my own journey, there were times I shied away from the spotlight, considering responsibility and public attention daunting. Yet, I took the challenge, not just once but twice, and was privileged to serve ANSSIR. Here’s why I believe you should consider the same:

We Are Family: ANSSIR isn’t a mere association. It’s a tightly bound family. By opting for a leadership role, you’re essentially voicing, “I’m here to ensure this family remains united and thrives in foreign terrains.”

Professional Development: The role enables you to refine invaluable leadership skills vital for any career – be it managing projects, spearheading teams, or navigating complex dilemmas.

Networking Opportunities: ANSSIR presents a vibrant platform with diverse students. As a leader, you’d network with various individuals, potentially opening doors to future collaborations and opportunities.

Face Your Fears: Leadership can be intimidating. But ponder this: if not you, then who? Every major historical shift originated from individuals who confronted their fears and embarked on the journey to make a difference.

Service, Representation, and Advocacy: The role is not just about management but about serving the community, representing your peers, and advocating for their needs, especially in a foreign country where unique challenges can arise.

Upholding Legacy: ANSSIR’s journey has been phenomenal, reflecting resilience and passion. By running, you’re committing to continue this legacy, ensuring it doesn’t merely persist but thrives.

Personal Growth: Apart from practical benefits, the personal satisfaction and growth derived from such a role are unparalleled. It’s a journey of self-realisation and enhancement.

In summation, accepting a leadership role in ANSSIR is not just about the title or the accolades. It’s a call to service, to legacy, and to personal development.

As we approach the next convention, reflect upon your potential role, transcend any hesitations, and consider standing as a beacon to elevate ANSSIR to unparalleled pinnacles. Your community awaits your dedication and leadership.”