On the 15th -18th of November 2023, ANSSIR welcomed 169 new students to Russia and the association. 


Volunteers from the association helped the new students settle down in their various cities. It was a thrilling experience for most of the first time volunteers in their first year and they had this to say.


“I am the first and only ANSSIRite in my city so I had to handle the responsibilities of helping the new students in my city settle down. I got help from some Nigerian friends. Overall, it was a great experience”


“I learnt how stressful the duty of being a senior is. It boosted my confidence a little with my Russian Language since I had to communicate with natives while helping the new students”


“It was stressful honestly but it was okay. I was able to take up responsibilities and I did it well although had some issues in school but it’s all settled now”


“Helping the new students settle in helped boost my confidence and also gave me a sense of responsibility, and I got to discover how much I’ve  improved in the space of a year. Glad I helped out”


“Yeah of course. I had the chance to tell them as many things that I think will help them as much as possible and share some of my mistakes when I first arrived in Russia “


“Somehow, I ended up on the train taking some new students to their city by mistake. I still can’t explain how this funny experience happened but at least I gained some experience”


Big shout out to all ANSSIR volunteers that helped out during the course of receiving new ANSSIRites to Russia. Let’s continue to build our association together!


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Post compiled by Ojile Martha

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