Audit Committee

Dear ANSSIRites,

It is with pleasure we present the ANSSIR Audit Committee 2021. 🎉

The Audit committee lead by the Chief Auditor Aisha Abdulrazaq consists of five members;

Aisha Abdulrazaq (Belgorod)

Adimbo Amachon (Kazan)

Kilani Ezekiel (Voronezh)

Oba Miebaka (Moscow)

Ogungbemi Evelyn-Faith (Rostov)

The Audit Committee shall be tasked with the responsibility of auditing the association’s accounts.

The tenure of the Audit committee runs until two weeks after the newly elected ExCos are sworn in. ✍️

We wish them good luck as they fulfill their duties. 👏

With love,

ANSSIR ExCos 2021

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