Registration on ANSSIR Website is Open

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!

Dear ANSSIRites,

It is finally here,
ANSSIR website is finally here. 💥💥💥

To register on the ANSSIR website:

  1. Follow the link: >>>>
  2. From the menu, click on register , to create a new account.

-After signing up to the website , we will confirm and activate your account. In order to control the users who register on the website, registration will only be open during specific periods.

Don’t worry, we will ensure you’re updated on the periods.

People who want to register outside those periods should notify us on ANSSIR TV.

  • Fill out ALL your profile fields and upload the required documents giving attention to the fields you want to be public or private. Private fields will not be displayed on your profile but are necessary for the database. Sensitive information can only be private.
  • Stay logged in on the website to access all the information. Logged-out users can only access the home page, news, and the Instagram link on the contact page.

Thank you as you register.

Mahfuz Taofeeq,

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