The Steering is Gone

She has promise, and flare,
And shiny new gears.
With solicitous glee, she builds her Fate
Parts are missing, but it should be great.

Mom and dad, they loved her car,
“A beauty”, they said, “It’ll take you far.”
With a golden wrench, they took the steering.
And with a smile, decreed, “You won’t need this thing.”

Dejection flares, her innocence gone.
One look around, the road winds on.
She sees it now, trapped in her car.
One look down, the steering is gone.

She is the car’s hostage,
It’s a cruel twist of Fate.
Born from her drive,
But she knows this too late.

Up ahead, a sharp fork looms.
Panic bubbles, which path shall she choose?
Reaching down, she tries to pick one,
But, alas, the steering is gone.

Author: Aj Crown
Full Name: Usiagwu Sharon Akachidinma
City: Belgorod

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