Better Days

They always say “we know it’s bad but better days are ahead”.
That is what they said when I lost my job.
Fews weeks later I lost the house too.
A friend called. We spoke for a while. He ended the call with “hang in there, better days are ahead”.
Then I lost my best friend in a car accident.
They came, we mourned, they consoled me with “better days are ahead”.
When the diagnosis came after spending lots of hours in the halls of different hospitals;
Guess what they said; “better days are ahead”.
But I ended up spending even more hours in those same halls.
And then the war came. And it was terrible, brutal, It was non-stop chaos.
In the midst of it all, they kept reiterating that better days were ahead.
“Keep the faith, have hope”.
I tried to believe them.
I really did.
But I’ve come to terms with reality. Better days are not ahead.
And if they are to come, then not in this world, perhaps the next.

M. I. Ngulde

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