My Lady

Oh, God of creation.
Here at the start
Before the beginning of time
You sat down,
You conceived a thought
With it came a smile to your face
With so much excitement you got to work
With no point of reference
From the depth of your heart
You wrote a beautiful letter to the world
With punctuations of Joy, Beauty, Charm, and Kindness.
You composed us a love song
In every heartbeat
Was a Melody of GraceAnd Lyrics of tenderness.
Soon You were done
With even a broader smile on your face
There is just one more thing you thought
Then you added the dimples
Even though you were a bit skeptical
For the sake of your Sons
Yet you trusted
That the work of your hand is good
And will only do good
All the days of her life.
The package was delivered today
And to you, God of Creation.
I just want to say
You dey create Abeg!
I hail thee!!!
And thank you too
For been so thoughtful.

Oyelami Olamide

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